Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Diana Ape

In the past years I have done so many portraits, so this one wasn´t too difficult, except that this Ape has more hair than the average sitter. I really like its beard!

30x24 cm
Oil on Canvaspanel

Is it not a friendly Museum? They provide seats for the exhausted painter.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The Malayan Tapir

30x40 cm
Oil on Canvaspanel

Another Work in Progress (WIP)

Sunday, 11 February 2007

The Arch finished

Here is the finished painting. I hope you enjoyed watching the progress.

40x50 cm
Oli on Canvaspanel

At the beginning of the last session I corrected some drawing flaws, shown here in the photograph.

This is the block in stage, where I tried to capture the right values. In these areas I used only Transparent Oxide Red, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarin Blue and Titanium White, in order not to become to bright in the surrounding areas of the arch.

Here I did more detailed work and stopped.

To show you how we started our painting day, here is a photo of Michael Ornauer, my painting pal, preparing for hard painting work.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

The Arch continued

I proceeded with the painting but did some others as well in the meantime. On Wednesdays it gets very noisy in the staircase, where my setup is, because it is in the vicinity of the museum restaurant where they have a weekly dinner. The other thing is taking photographs of the painting. I don´t like doing it!

But here it is!

Unfortunately I was at the Students Exhibition of the Viennese Art Academy the night before and in order to deal with the shown artwork I decided to get drunk. It seemed to me the only way to cope with contemporary art. ;-)

So I wasn´t as concentrated as I wanted to be and painted only the achitecture on the right side. Some people said I should leave the painting like it was but I think that I have to make the surrounding areas of the arch cooler and muted in order to make the focal point clearer. You can see it on the left side. The yellow tone of the underpainting is competing with the middle section.

This is the only photo I have taken in between because the light situation is not so good for taking photos.