Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Lost Head

This museum is such an enchanted place. In Winter when it is darker outside, the mood is very strange, because apart from the roaring school classes it is quiet and it seems like you are in a place where time stands still.
In this painting I used the palette knife exessively and I got carried away by it. I think that this produced a little too many sharp edges but it helped visualizing they showcases.

Lost Head
40x50 cm, Oil on Canvas Panel


Jennifer McChristian said...

This one is exquisite! Your drawing is very solid.
I also like your subdued and harmonized color sense.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Jennifer,
it is amazing how a place calls for certain colour harmonies and when you look at pleinair paintings done here in Northern Europe the colours are totally different from your light and the light in southern countries, which calls for a specific palette and use of colours.

Mr Zip said...

I came here from Duane Keiser's blog. I really like your paintings in the museum. They make me want to return to a similar project of my own. They also remind me of some work by an Australian painter called Rick Amor.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks mr zip, for your comment and visit. I had found only a few reproductions of Amors work, which didn´t say much to me. Maybe I didn´t saw the right stuff, you are referring to.