Monday, 29 January 2007

The Whale finished?

I continued with the Whale and as the two friendly colleagues mentioned in the last post comments, I should keep the looseness of the two paintings I had started. The second sitting is always difficult, because I tend to become too cautious. But avoiding the problem is not solving it. So, what do you think?

The Whale
50x40 cm

Here is the concentrated painter photographed by Michael Ornauer, who joins me in this painting adventure. You will find is paintings on his blog, here on my link collection. ------->

Sorry for beeing out of focus, but this shows some of the atmosphere with people passing by.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Two promising starts

The following images show only stages of the work. I began these two Paintings on the same day and in first case it became so noisy in the staircase, in the second the light situation changed so much that I had to stop. I took this as an opputunity to show the painting process and to work longer on the paintings.

This shows the end of the second session where I tried to establish my focal point.

The Arch
40x50 cm

I began with a wash of Light Ocre and Cobalt Blue wherein I sketched the composition with Transparent Oxide Red and Ultramarine.

Here you see how important it is for successful painting to wear reflecting shoes.

This is the state at the end of the first session and I used more impasto and thicker paint.

The Whale
50x40 cm

The block in state with Light Ocre, Transparent Oxide Red and Ultramarine.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Of Man and Ape continued

Don´t worry, I was painting in the museum, but I didn´t photograph the paintings. In December the Museum was crowded with tourists and sometimes it was very hard to concentrate. Now the new year has started and I will continue my work.

Behind the Red Line
40x30 cm

The gaze
20x15 cm