Thursday, 18 January 2007

Two promising starts

The following images show only stages of the work. I began these two Paintings on the same day and in first case it became so noisy in the staircase, in the second the light situation changed so much that I had to stop. I took this as an opputunity to show the painting process and to work longer on the paintings.

This shows the end of the second session where I tried to establish my focal point.

The Arch
40x50 cm

I began with a wash of Light Ocre and Cobalt Blue wherein I sketched the composition with Transparent Oxide Red and Ultramarine.

Here you see how important it is for successful painting to wear reflecting shoes.

This is the state at the end of the first session and I used more impasto and thicker paint.

The Whale
50x40 cm

The block in state with Light Ocre, Transparent Oxide Red and Ultramarine.


rob ijbema said...

well Stefan,i know i'm being selfish,but i'm glad you couldn't finish these two,cos it is so interesting seeing your stages,very solid and very promising.
i'm anxious to see how you will deal with the focal point,on the staircase pressure!

andrew said...

Got so noisy in the staircase?.... you are making me laugh! To those who don't know Stefan... when we were painting together in Vienna we made more noise than anyone ...chatting about art an laughing all the time.

Anyhow... these are two great starts... and I hope you don't add much more because they are so fresh and are looking really good already!

Cheers.. Andrew

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hey Rob, that is very unfair to express your anxiety. ;-)
All the surrounding areas of the arch are colder which I haven´t painted yet. That will establish the focal point also in terms of color temperature.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Oh Andrew, how could you compromise my sincerity as an artist so much???
Okay, you are right about the chatting!

In a way I knew that you would remind me not loosing my freshness, but the problem is, that there is too much to paint on the canvas which couldn´t be done in one sitting. Therefore I try not to paint too detailed in the remaining areas and to retain the looseness of brushwork.

W. K. Moore said...

Hello Stefan. Checking out your site and let me say your form and content are exceptional! I always wanted to paint in a museum and perhaps I will now seeing your success. I will be checking back often.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

William, thank you for dropping by and looking at my work. I find it quite amazing to get in contact with painters from all over the world. Thanks to www.

C. Ousley said...

I visited your web site. I really liked your urbanscapes. Good solid figure work. The fish and figure was pretty strange. Ouch! Good painting though and it made me laugh and wince at the same time. ;-). Vienna is a pretty city. I have only seen pictures though.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Chris, for visiting my website and giving me feedback. The idea for the fish came from a friend, I painted it and he didn´t liked it. It is also a quote of a Velasquez Painting, it is the painting of Democritus. Does this make it more digestible? ;-)))

I did these urbanscapes of Vienna last summer und will continue, when the weather gets better. I am not such a Hardcore Plein Air Painter.

The reactions you had are pretty much what I intend with my paintings.

Jennifer McChristian said...

What a treat to see your painting process. Thank you for sharing. You have a very clear, direct and no-nonsense approach which gives your paintings its solidity and beauty.
By the way, I like the reflective shoes!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thank you and you are welcome, Jennifer. I apreciate your words about my painting especially when they come from colleagues I esteem.