Thursday, 10 May 2007

Countryside of Bayreuth

Last week I had been to my native town Bayreuth and took the opportunity to paint the beautiful countryside. I also tried to master a slightly bigger panel size.

Letzte Woche war in in meiner Geburtsstadt Bayreuth und nutzte die Gelegenheit dort in der wunderschönen Umgebung zu malen. Ich versuchte auch ein etwas größeres Format zu bewältigen.

Farm | Bauerhof, 30 x 40 cm, Oil on Canvaspanel

Grove | Baumgruppe, 40 x 30 cm, Oil on Canvaspanel

Old Barn | Alter Schuppen, 24 x 30 cm, Oil on Canvaspanel


Slim Johnson said...

WOW!!! Three beautifully balanced works. Great color -- great skies and feeling of light.

Jennifer McChristian said...


These are all incredibly well executed....and with a 30x40" panel. That's impressive!
My favorite is the old barn like structure. It has a moody and mysterious aura to it.

C. Ousley said...

Wagner country. Good works!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Steve, your comment is very much appreciated, because the skies are so difficult to paint.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks to you, but I have to explain, it is centimeters not inches. In inches it is 12 x 16.
I did the old barn after another one which turned out so bad. The place where I painted the barn was so beautiful that I was in a better mood and had the practice from the first one.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Chris, I have to confess that I like Wagners music, but I like painting more. Thanks!

PaulSketch said...

wow!! These are wonderful! I'm working on a landscape and need some advince, if I post it up will you give me some suggestions?

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Paul, I am quite flattered about your request and I will certainly try to say something reasonably about your painting. I have been to your blog and you are a man of many interests. That is great. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous beautiful light Stefan.
You draw me into your work.

Tom Kidd said...


You, William Wray, Nathan Fowkes and Jennifer McChristian make plein air painting look so effortless. I spent the weekend painting in a ravine by a brook and I wouldn't call the two paintings I did a success. It was educational and it was fun but not a triumph. I'll likely post it anyway but I'll include links to the people who are the masters.

The thing I respect most here, having just tried to do it, is your dead on color sense. All three of these capture the moment beautifully.

René said...

English, Indeed 76.2 x 101.6 cm. that would be incredible! (hihihi) Just kidding these are nothing less then incredible, all three of them.

btw. I've tagged you. If you want to go along, do take a look at my blog to see what's it all about.

Genau, 76. 2 x 101.6 cm. das wurde unglaublich sein. Übrigens diese sind auch unglaublich all drei!

Ich habe dich auch noch "gemärk mahlt." Du kannst mit tun, umsu sehen was es einhalt schaue dir meine blog an.

Nederlands, Inderdaad 76.2 x 101.6 cm. dat zou pas ongelofelijk zijn, al zijn deze schilderijen ook ongeloveloos mooi, alle drie.

Ik heb je trouwens "ge-oormerkt." Om te zien wat dat inhoud en of je mee wilt doen, neem even een kijkje op mijn weblog.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thank you very much, Robin.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Wow, Tom! Those three guys you mentioned are so good and I am fairly new to Plein Air, that it makes me very happy that you see it that way.

When a painting doesn´t turn out so well, it doesn´t matter so much because I had nevertheless a very good time painting and doing what I love.

I am looking forward to see your paintings. Thanks!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hey René,thanks for your comment but I am not shure about having been tagged by you. On the one hand you have written so nice about me on your blog and on the other had I am a very coy person. ;-)
This tagging thing is a little like these chain letter. Right?

william wray said...

great drawing and color variety to all of these-- More and more I see your "style"

rob ijbema said...

12x16" is still a good seize for plein air,stefan
you are so good at catching light

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks, William, I have also the feeling that I am getting more and more used to the specifics of plein air.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Rob, recently I bought me two books by Emile Gruppé and this guy does very big paintings outside. His standart size is 64 x 76 cm (25 x 30 in) and 76 x 91 cm (30 x 36 in).

I think the light is so essential and when you have realized that, almost everything becomens worth painting.