Sunday, 9 September 2007

Coffin | Sarg Part 6 and finished

This is the last and finished state. The writing on it says Eros and Thanatos. Now I don´t have anymore to say.

Dies ist der Endzustand meiner Malerei. Das Geschriebene bedeutet Eros und Thanatos und weiter habe ich nichts mehr zu sagen.

And just for the fun of it. | Dies nur zum Spaß.


Anonymous said...

Stunning. Beautiful work! Congratulations on finishing this big project.

Pathonos, the Greek god of death and
Eros, the Greek god of sexual desire or erotic love.

The death of a lover?

Michael Pieczonka said...

My God...I've been watching the updates on this coffin.. and can't believe what an "undertaking" it must have been!! You must be a very patient man Stefan.. beautifully decorative piece of work!


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thank you very much, Silvina. These two expressions come from Sigmud Freud and they refer to the two major drives in all our lives.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Michael, maybe I shouldn´t say that but the whole "undertaking" didn´t take so long. I am a little slow in taking pictures and posting them. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Stefan! Alter Meister! Sehr gute Fotos - der Sarg ist spitze! Würd mich glatt darin beerdigen lassen. Wobei - wenn sie mich dann mal ausgraben, glauben sie, da liegt eine Frau drinn... mhhh... kannst du ihren einen Schnidl dazumalen?


This turned into an amazing piece of work Nue!

I think I might commision you to paint one for me :)
I hope no rush on the order but if I had to choose a coffin I'd like one that is an original "Nue"

The last photo is a riot ... you look like you are open for business.

Cheers... Andrew

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, dear old Siggy. I believe it has something to do with our creative drive vs. a need to return to a state of calm. I think.

Hey, the coffin is a little snug for you now, but you'll shrink as you get older. It will be perfect.

Todd Bonita said...

this came out really amazing. Very well done creative endeavor. A feather for the cap for sure.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Mickey, freut mich, daß er Dir gefällt. Werde nichts mehr ändern und Hermaphroditen sind so selten.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Allright Andrew, we have to think of a motive you would like to get on your coffin. You are definitively right about me being open for business. Thanks!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Silvina, I think you are absolutely right.
It really felt a little uncomfortable in that coffin and you are probably right about me shrinking when I get older.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Todd and I appreciate your words. Cheers..Nue!

Jennifer McChristian said...


'Nuff said... the work speaks for itself.
What an enticing and interesting project to involve yourself with. It's absolutely gorgeous!!
PS ~ great photo of you and the coffin!


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Jennifer, you are back at Blogland. You are right, I enjoyed doing this project and without the opportunity of getting this coffin, I would never have thought of paining somthing like that.
Thank you!

rob ijbema said...

very very impressive stefan,
now before you go in your box,some more plein air please (-;

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Rob, unfortunately the next post isn´t a PA painting either, but I hope you will enjoy it anyway. I have been to the Wachau (a beautiful area in Austria) with Andrew Judd and Students. So there will be some PAs to come.

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