Sunday, 31 August 2008

Portrait Drawings and a Show | Portraitzeichnungen und eine Ausstellung

On the 11. September 2008 I will participate with two of my Museum Paintings in the Kitsch Biennale in Pasing near Munich. If you are close by, you are heartily invited.

Am 11. September nehme ich mit zwei meiner Museumsbilder an der Kitsch Biennale in Pasing in der Nähe von München teil. Hiermit ergeht eine herzliche Einladung.

HatAndreas | HutAndreas, 56 x 38 cm, Charcoal on Paper

Sonja, 56 x 38 cm, Charcoal on Paper


Ryan Evans said...

Hey- good luck with the show, would love to go! I was in Munich in March for my stag weekend, what a great city


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Ryan!
I like Munich also and I am looking forward to the few days I will be spending there.

trailbee said...

Thanks for the charcoal offerings.I am struggling with this medium at present, but shall improve with time.Have fun at the show.


Hey Stefan.

Great drawings!!
Have a great show!!

Hope you are well and keeping busy.

Cheers.... Andrew

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Trailbee!
I enjoy doing the charcoal drawings recently, because color means sometimes trouble to me.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Andrew!
Hope you are well, too. I am pretty shure that you are busy.
Thanks and til soon.