Thursday, 13 November 2008

Back again | Wieder zurück

I must apologise for not being so present on my blog as I used to be, but sometimes life keeps other things in store for you than you would like or expect. It is a complete and utter miracle how people are able to paint every day.

My summer was miserable with loads of doubts and uncertainty concerning my work. I thought of my landscape paintings as being more commercial than the other work I did. But it wasn´t! Even the thought that something might sell better or not, is ridiculous. The only thing that counts is that whatever you paint, it has to be important to oneself and then will be true and strong.

Recently I am working mostly in my studio and enjoy painting and drawing people. My whole process is now slower and more laborious. And I do like it and hope you enjoy these drawings.

Ich möchte mich für meine längere Abwesenheit von meinem Blog entschuldigen. Manchmal hält einem das Leben Situationen bereit, die einen etwas aus der gewohnten Bahn werfen. Deswegen ist es mir rätselhaft, wie Leute jeden Tag malen können.

Ich hatte einen unerquicklichen Sommer mit vielen Unsicherheiten und Zweifeln, was meine Arbeit angeht. Ich dachte meine Landschaften wären etwas kommerzieller als die Gemälde, die ich sonst mache. Ich irrte! Jedoch schon der Gedanke, ob sich etwas verkauft oder nicht, ist an sich schon unsinnig. Das Wichtigste ist, egal was man malt, daß es einem ein Anliegen ist. Dann ist es wahr und wird kraftvoll.

In letzter Zeit male ich hauptsächlich im Atelier und genieße das Malen und Zeichnen mit Menschen. Mein Arbeitsprozess ist nun viel langsamer und arbeitsintensiver. Mir macht es Spaß und ich hoffe, Ihr erfreut Euch an den Zeichnungen.

Smoker | Raucherin, 61 x 43 cm, Charcoal and Conté on Paper

Alexandra, 61 x 43 cm, Charcoal and Conté on Paper

GuitarHanna | GitarrenHanna, 61 x 43 cm, Charcoal and Conté on Paper


René PleinAir. said...

Gut dich wieder zu sehen Stefan.
Und mit gutes Werk sogar!!

Esst ist immer einen herausforderung su mahlen ohne dich zu bekümmern um su viel Dingen. Ich denke das Künstler ein bisschen verrückt und egozentrisch sein müssen um gut su können arbeiten.

Ich hoffe du jetzt wieder mehr su sehen, so auch mit Michael.


Sheila Vaughan said...

I think all three drawings are very strong Stefan. Of course, the only way we can have confidence in our work is to paint what is meaningful to us and in a way the we feel is instinctively right. I think the minute we start painting "for the market" that's when we risk it all going wrong. If it don't sell - well it don't sell.

rob ijbema said...

stefan i have always been so impressed by your landscapes
they feel so real so fluent
especially the ones from Belcista / Macedonia are so strong filled with light and what about your museum pieces,haven't seen anybody doing that better,
the voice of doubt is not you stefan...

Stefan Nuetzel said...

...und Du, René hast als erstes kommentiert.

Du hast schon recht, daß wir alle unser kleines Universum aufbauen und darin leben, damit wir unsere Werke schaffen können.

Vielen Dank für Deine Zeilen und auch alles Liebe.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Sheila!
in general I know all that, but sometimes one gets lost in bad thoughts.
"If it don't sell - well it don't sell." One has to pay for rent and food, which makes things even more difficult.
Thanks for dropping by.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Rob!

In blogland many of the posts are so carefree. I wanted to express a side of painting that always occurs from time to time.

I think the voice of doubt is what makes me go on, try, fail, succeed and grow.

rob ijbema said...

it's not meant to be easy stefan
otherwise everybody would be doing are doing something special...
when things get tough i get a little crappy job,yes the rent must be paid...but i keep painting what i want

Anonymous said...

The loose pencil work on GuitarHanna's legs makes the drawing exciting for me. Very nice.

So even pros like you go through periods of self doubt. Will it never end?
To reword what you're saying; we must paint what moves us, what we love. After all, are we not in the business of showing people the world through our eyes? Your particular vision of the world is most interesting. Glad you are back!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

I know Rob that you didn´t wanted to be easy. I know that situation too well, to have a crappy job. But I think this is not the point.
I was mainly talking about reflecting oneself and ones artistic vision.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Silvina,

thanks for your comment and critique.

I think if you are true to yourself self doubt will never vanish. On the one hand it is good and on the other it is sometimes devastating.

It is so encouraging to read all the comments that had been written here so far. Thanks for that, to you and all the others.


Anonymous said...

Stefan, there's a rousing game of tag going on and I'm pulling you in! come check my blog.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Great post! Truer words were never spoken.... On a side note, Silvina beat me to the TAG: AGAIN. Stefan, you are a popular guy, tag you're it!! Check my blog for more information!!

Edgar said...

Stefan, I stopped by from Silvina's tag.

Your work is strong and authentic. Put away your doubts, and keep painting!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

OMG, Silvina! I have been taggend before and didn´t do it. Shame on me. Personally I believe, that informations about me aren´t very exciting. ;-)
Nevertheless I feel honored that you have choosen me.
Thanks a lot!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks, Diane!
Tagged again! Twice! So I think this time I will have to do it.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Edgar!
Thanks that you have stopped by and have left me a very nice comment. I enjoyed looking at your works, too.

Tom Kidd said...

What is an artist without doubt and introspection? Either a very poor artist or an expert liar.

I greatly enjoy seeing your portraits. An extra treat is seeing your "WIPs" -- the works in progress and the photos of your work next to your subjects. I'll have to remember to do this myself.

Also, thanks for your thoughts. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks, Tom! I know that this is something many of of experience from time to time. I had gotten so fed up by all these painters producing one nice painting after the other with very little emotional struggle. That is not what life is about.

René PleinAir. said...

"All man can do is add his fragment
to the whole. No man can be final
but he can record his progress.
What he leaves is so much for others
to use as stones to step on or to avoid.
After all the goal is not making art
it is living a life.
Those who live their lives
will leave the stuff that's
is really art."

Robert Henri, The art spirit

bob said...

I think the minute we start painting "for the market" that's when we risk it all going wrong. If it don't sell - well it don't sell.
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