Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Live Paintings

Just the other night I went to a drawing class by a colleague of mine and did these 25 minute sketches. So I don´t hang around the museum all the time. The next post will be some plein air paintings I did.

each 20x15 cm, Oil on Cardboard


Jennifer McChristian said...

Hi Stefan,

These figure sketches are wonderful!
You've captured the movement/gesture of the model. I like the fervent and sketchy brushstrokes as well.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Jennifer,
you must be online, too. I think the limitation of time made it that way and after these two hours I was totally exhausted.

Michael Pieczonka said...

Stefan... nice studies! I love the first one, has a great feel about it... and the colours / val are bang on. Interesting having that very light value behind her head... it really adds spacial depth. Like the gesture in the second and third also. How do you do these on cardboard? You have to gesso a few times too?

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Michael, it is nice what you write about the values because the light situation was very difficult. She posed before a mirror and the background was very disturbed. So I had to simplify but observe the real values around her.
I am painting on mat boards (I get the leftovers from my local art supply store), which I prime two times with acrylic primer. The primer is applied undilluted, so I get some structure which gives a thooth to the oil color.

René said...

Nice tattoo. :-P

I am envious, here you have to be a member of some kind of artistic club, but soon i will start this exercise also! Unbelievable that you can do this in 25 min. No sketch i reckon, just hoppa painting?!

Still inside though,

The weather here in Vienna is good at the moment and as a plein air coward I started my outdoor season this weekend and enjoyed painting outside the museum.

I was looking forward to your plein air work.

All kidding, keep up this nice work Stefan!!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

René, I am am sorry that I had let you down and showed you these nudes instead of some trees. ;-P

It is a very good exercise and sometimes having a limited painting time keeps me to the essentials.

Florentin Moser said...

Ich liebe sie auch!! Dieser kraftvolle Pinselstrich, die unglaubliche sicherheit in der Ausführung, nur ein Genie kan dies zuwege bringen. Lucien Freud kann seinen seichten Kompost einpacken, die Mona Lisa kann getrost ins Altpapier.
Wircklich, man fällt regelrecht hinein in diese Bilder,ein ganz neuer Kosmos von Licht, Raum und Körper spannt sich darin auf.
Erschauernd, dein Jünger

kee said...

Very nice figure works. I like the quickness of broad brushworks and nice flesh color also.

W. K. Moore said...

I like these.. no pussyfooting around.. get the paint on the board - in all the right places. I get a good gut-level reaction here.. and the model is cute too.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Florentin, Dein Lob zu lesen erfüllt mich immer mit Stolz und Freude. Außerdem macht es mich schmunzeln, ob Deiner Vergleiche. Ich bin auch ein fleissiger Besucher Deines Blogs.

For all the others look at this fellas blog if you want see funny and strange paintings.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Kee, I used a limited palette, Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Oxide Red and Ivory Black and was also astonished how colorful and true to life one can get. Thanks for your comment.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

William, the brushwork was pure desperation because I had only 25 minutes time and I like the model too.

René said...

Did some nude sketches today, ... and next week I go for painting them also, ... but I had to see this first again! What a treat such a blogger as you!


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks René, I am looking forward to see your nude drawings and paintings.