Thursday, 9 August 2007

Coffin | Sarg Part 1

Everyone has different ways to enjoy himself. My task of this summer is to paint a coffin. In Fall will be an exhibition with these coffins painted by artists due to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the municipal funeral parlor. Simply because this is an interesting job, I am going to post the progress of my efforts.

Jeder hat unterschiedliche Arten sich zu unterhalten. Meine Sommeraufgabe ist einen Sarg zu bemalen. Dieser wird für eine Ausstellung der Bestattung Wien sein, die im Rahmen des Hunderjährigen Jubiläums stattfinden wird. Da dies eine interessante Aufgabe ist, möchte ich meine Bemühungen nicht vorenthalten.

Before painting, there is sanding. | Vor dem Malen steht schleifen.

The first layer of paint, with me posing. | Die erste Farbschicht mit mir, Arbeit vortäuschend.

Inside I painted it blue but I am not sure if I am going to paint a motive in there. | Innen malte ich es blau aus , jedoch bin ich mir noch nicht sicher ob ich auch ein Motiv reinmalen werde.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you do with this.

Jared Shear said...

Interesting project.....I've always thought of building my own coffin. It will be interesting to see how this evolves.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Silvina and Jared, thank you for your interest. I am already in the midst of doing the paintings. Tomorrow will be the next post.

René said...

I am dead-curios how it will turn out!! :-P

Just a silly question, ...
Do you know for who it will be?
And if so will it be a burial or a cremation?

The last one would be a pity already, ....

D.Wienand said...

Wien bestatten-geil!
Wo ist denn die Ausstellung? Jetz sag nicht im Steffl?
Da stell ich mir grad vor, was Hermann Nietsch wohl mit dem Sarg machen würde - au weia?

gruß Don

Ed Terpening said...

Wow, i thought you were going to paint a picture of a coffin, not actually paint a coffin. Interesting. My vote is for stars inside!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

René, you are making fun of everything. This is dead-serious! ;-)
Believe it or not the Bestattung Wien is a big enterprise and is run by the municipality. They also have a museum!
So mine and the other artists coffins will get on display.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Don, die Ausstellung wird in der Michaeler Kirche sein. Die Bemalung alla Nitsch wäre viel zu einfach. :-))

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Ed, If you go to my website you will see also paintings of coffins and a crypt, it is called Michaelergruft.

I had the idea with the stars also, but it is too obious. Maybe I don´t paint anything in there, because then the coffin has to be opened frequently and the general outside appearence will get spoiled.

rob ijbema said...

thought i stumbled on the wrong blog,Stefan,interesting stuff.
i hesitated painting a cemetry the other day (beautiful light)
after seeing this i'm cured
good luck!