Friday, 11 January 2008

Three in a row | Drei am Stück

I did these three little studies in one session, each in one hour including the breaks. I worked with Sonja for the first time and she was great concerning the diffucult poses. Each 20 x 15 cm, Oil on Matboard with White, Light Ochre Cad Red and Ivory Black.

Ich malte alle drei Studien in einer Sitzung, für jede benötigte ich eine Stunde inklusive Pausen. Mit Sonja malte ich zum ersten Mal und Sie war super, wenn man die Schwierigkeit der Posen berücksichtigt. Jedes ist 20 x 15 cm, Ölfarbe auf Passepartoutkarton und die Palette war: Titanweiss, Lichter Ocker , Kadmiumrot und Elfenbeinschwarz.



Hey Stefan...
Amazing number of colours with that limited palate!!

A limited time too.... nicely done!

Cheers... Andrew


Hey Stefan...
Amazing number of colours with that limited palate!!

A limited time too.... nicely done!

Cheers... Andrew


Oops... sorry bout the double post

Anonymous said...

Really great gestures and colors, especially the one in the center. The colors on her face are gorgeous.
One hour each including breaks? You probably did them in 45 minutes. Amazing.

Joe Kresoja said...

nice energy in these.

sandra flood said...

These are beautiful studies! So fresh.
I really love the middle one.

Todd Bonita said...

These are bold and fantastic studies.


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hey Andrew,

you are repeating yourself! ;-)
Thanks a lot, Mate!


Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Silvina,
like Degas used to say: Painting is no sport!
I have to admit I sometimes paint like that.
Thank you very much!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks, Joe!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

it felt so good painting them. You know the moment when you don´t think anymore and become an eye.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Todd,
nice that you dropped by again and left a comment. Thanks!

John Morris said...

Große Gemälde, ich lieben wirklich Ihre Arbeit, es auch hilft mir mit meinem Deutsch, das sehr rostig jetzt ist.

Great paintings, I love your work, but it also helps me with my German, which is very rusty now.

John Morris

Michael Pieczonka said...

Stefan, 3 great figurative pieces. I really like the pose in the third and the soft cool tones work very nicely. You are a busy guy!!

cheers, Mike

René PleinAir. said...

Ooooooooooooow envy envy envy me.

But then again you are doing this soooo much better then I would.

A treat, .... thanks!

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi John,
I appreciate your German and I am always impressed if someone has learned it. Even as a native speaker it is fairly difficult.
Thanks for your comment.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks Michael! I was pretty amazed how colorful one can get with this limited palette.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hey René, you are always so encouraging. Thanks for that.

Jared Shear said...

Love the top piece Stefan!......those blues in the shadow really play off well against the warmer skin tones.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Thanks, Jared! The blue is actually Ivory Black. Isn´t it stunning how color works?

phuongtran said...

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Very creative, I like the way you draw!