Friday, 7 August 2009

Wachau Reloaded - Day 3

The vineyards in front of the door, the easel in front of ones nose, why bother to walk far.
Die Weingärten vor der Tür, die Staffelei vor der Nase, wozu weite Wege machen.

Weissenkirchen from Nuetzels point of view,
Weissenkirchen in Nützels Sicht(Mal-)weite,

the Colleague nearby,
der Kollege in Hörweite,

instead farsightedness there is deap insight.
anstatt Weitblick mit Tiefblick.

Painters occupied with Not Painting - From taking a nap,
Maler beim Nichtmalen - Vom Mittagsschläfchen,

to activities programm,
über das Animationsprogramm hin zur...

to evening activities. Donauarena Melk and
Abendgestaltung, Donauarena Melk und

War and Peace.
Krieg und Frieden.


rahina qh said...

good to see the weather has warmed up:) and the danube... i saw it last year and my illusions of it were shattered when i saw this grey snake winding across land. hope to see your painting of it anyway:)r.

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putin said...

good to see the weather has warmed up:)hope to see your painting of it anyway:)
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